What kind of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) should I use in my Toyota?

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Selecting an automatic transmission fluid (ATF) for a Toyota (or any other automatic transmission)

Use this Toyota ATF application guide to quickly find the right ATF and other products for your Toyota. If you are not sure what type of automatic transmission your Toyota uses, then refer to the list below.

Or check your Toyota owner's manual to see which fluid type is specified. View list of Toyota automatic transmissions.

Toyota transmission fluid

Many recent model year Toyota's have a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission). Castrol synthetic ATF recommended for Toyota CVT applications

It's hard to go wrong with Genuine Toyota ATF. For Toyota model years after 1997, there are four main types:

To replace the Toyota CVT fluid requires removing the drain plug (6 mm allen keyed) on the pan, draining out the fluid, and putting the plug back in. A new Toyota crush washer should be used to prevent leaks. Refilling the Toyota CVT is done through the fill hole on the transmission. The fill plug takes a Toyota 24mm socket.

Replacing the Toyota CVT filter requires removing the pan. The pan needs a gasket. Most filter kits include a new gasket.

How much fluid does the Toyota automatic tranmission take?

The amount of fluid the Toyota automatic transmission holds varies by year and model. Generally it is between 7 to 10 quarts. There are usually two different fill quantities given. The first is for if the Toyota fluid is just drained via the drain plug, and then refilled. Usually this fluid amount is about 2 or 3 quarts. The larger quantity is if the Toyota transmission drain pan is removed so that the torque converter can drain, or if the transmission is rebuilt.

How much does a Toyota transmission fluid change cost?

At a Toyota dealership, an ATF change can cost between $150 to $350 depending on the Toyota transmission model and the dealership location. At independent Toyota service shops, the cost may be a bit less, though a generic fluid may be used instead of genuine Toyota ATF.

How often should Toyota transmission fluid be changed?

The Toyota owner's manual will give the ATF change interval. Or check Toyota's siteToyota's online schedule. Generally the interval for severe service or special operating conditions is 60,000 miles or 72 months.

Do I need to change Toyota manual transmission fluid?

Yes, Toyota manual transmissions can use fluid changes as well. The genuine Toyota manual transmission oil can be somewhat expensive, so some people just use a quality 90 weight gear oil such as Red Line. The replacement interval is usually around 60k miles. Changing the Toyota manual transmission oil may give better shifting, because it can help the synchros to function more smoothly. Most Toyota cars take about two quarts.

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Always check your Toyota owner's manual for the exact fluid specifications for your particular make and model.

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