SUBARU 2008 Remote Starter Installation Instructions - 08MY Impreza (H001SFG000)

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This document is available free of charge.

This SUBARU accessory installation document is available from It is a free document. SUBARU 2008 Remote Starter Installation Instructions - 08MY Impreza (H001SFG000)

The document contains information about installing the genuine SUBARU remote starter for the 2008 model year (MY) SUBARU Impreza. The remote starter allows the vehicle to be started via the remote control.

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I`m a newbe here!
I would like to know if someone has installed a H001SFG400 (or H001SFG000) kit. I just can not find any 24-PIN & 2-PIN PRE-FIT CONNECTIONS ABOVE & BEHIND FUSE PANEL that PDF file asks to locate (step 6). And there is a
2-pin pre-fit hood safety switch connector (step 9) that I can not locate too.

I'm considering to pay a subscription in ($34 for just 3 days) but I don't know if troubleshoot guide available on there will give me the exact location of these connectors.

Please help me!!!


Hello and welcome to the site. I haven't installed a remote starter on a 2008 Subaru Impreza so I'm not sure how much help I will be.  I do know that often connectors on the vehicle that are not used are taped into the wiring harness.  So maybe the connectors are there, but are wrapped in tape or otherwise hidden?

Hi porcupine73!

Thanks for replying me! These connectors are envolved by breakaway tape, but I could not locate them. I would like to see any photo of these connectors but Google is not helping me. :-(