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Hi, new member, thanks in advance. My 2000 Forester, with 170,000 miles has a problem. I had a bad alternator, which I replaced and that solved my charging problem. Now the emergency flashers stay on all the time. I pulled the fuse out and they stayed on, It doesn't matter if the car is running or not. the instrument lights blink with the flashers. They blink about three times, then go out for about 5 seconds, then blink again. I disconnected the battery overnight, and when I reconnected it, I had the same thing. Thanks again. Grumpy

Hello Grumpy and welcome to the board! What has happened is your security system has activated. You need to press the unlock or disarm button on your alarm remote control. On some models, you can turn the key from off to run three times within three seconds to get it to stop as well.

Thanks, I'll try that. I bought the car used, and didn't know it had an alarm system. I don't have a remote control, I'll try the key, if that fails, I'll find and disable the alarm system. I was afraid the ECM was fried.

Thanks, Grumpy

Hi Grumpy. If it was a USDM Forester (U.S. market), it most likely did come with an alarm. It probably came with the Code Alarm system, but that was a year that it is possible it came with the Alpine system as well. Often you can get the remotes pretty cheaply on eBay and such places. It might have been in valet mode before the battery was disconnected so that it wouldn't be going off all the time.