Can you buy Subaru stock? Is Subaru a good stock?

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Can you buy Subaru stock? How do you purchase stocks?

Yes, you can buy Subaru stock. It is ticker FUJHY and is traded on the OTC (over the counter) markets. The easiest way to buy Subaru stock is through a broker.

  • Buy stock at Webull. Webull has a limited time bonus - if you open a free account, Webull is offering a free share of a random stock, plus, when you deposit any amount they are offering a second free share. Click here for details. Like most brokers Webull has no commissions for trades.
  • Buy stock at Robinhood. Robinhood has no commissions and is also offering one free share of stock when you sign up for a free account. Click here for details. Personally I like Webull better because of the second free share of stock when making a deposit. But you can open an account on both!

Then just put FUJHY in the search box and Subaru stock will appear. You can view the Subaru stock price in the app. At the time of this writing it was about USD$12.93, and each share of FUJHY represents two shares of the stock. It trades in the US as what is called an ADR which is common for foreign stocks. Note that not all brokers trade OTC stocks.

Does Subaru stock pay a dividend?

Yes, Subaru stock does pay a dividend. As of February 2020 it was around 5.5%. The Subaru stock dividend has varied over the years though, from about 0.5&perc to as much as 6.4%. To receive the dividend, you must own the stock shares on the date for what is called the dividend ex-date. For Subaru stock that is generally about March 28 and September 27 (since it pays dividends twice per year).

Is Subaru a good stock?

Subaru Co Ltd (OTCMKTS:FUJHY) has been on a bit of a downward trend in price since around 2017. It was about $21 in January 2017 but then slowly slid to a recent low of about $10.70 at the end of 2019. So in my opinion Subaru has not been a good stock, at least not if I had bought it from 2017 to 2019. However the roughly 5% dividend is not too shabby compared to other companies. So if I bought Subaru between $10 to $12 I would be pretty happy with that, considering the dividend. However Toyota owns nearly 17% of Subaru at this time, so I consider that a plus, and a much better influence than when General Motors owned a good portion of them years ago.

Does Subaru offer a discount if I own Subaru stock?

Some large companies do offer discounts to holders of their stock. Unfortunately Subaru does not appear to be one of them. Subaru does have some discount programs with certain groups such as ski clubs and environmental clubs which can be worth looking at. They often require that you have been a member of the organization for at least six months. This requirement discourages people from simply joining the organization just for the Subaru discount.

In this article I am simply giving my thoughts on Subaru stock. It is not financial advice.

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