Where can I get a new/extra/replacement key for my SUBARU?

June 10, 2011. Author:

SUBARU keysReplacement SUBARU keys can be obtained from SUBARU dealers.  You will need your vehicle's VIN# and generally proof of vehicle ownership.  Dealers typically have a key cutting machine that can cut a new key based on key information from SUBARU obtained with the VIN#.

Note: If you have a SUBARU with immobilizer, there are additional steps required to program the immobilizer system accept the new key.

Sometimes used SUBARU's don't come with all the original keys, or are missing the valet or other key options.  On SUBARU models that didn't have the immobilizer, the keys can simply be copied on a normal key cutting machine such as at a hardware store.  Sometimes though they will not appear to have the correct blank key available.  If that happens, have them check the Nissan key blanks.  Often the Nissan key blanks will work for the SUBARU as well.  If you specifically want your key to say SUBARU, you can sometimes find SUBARU key blanks on sites such as eBay.

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