Where can I get an owner's manual for my SUBARU?

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Ok, so you've spilled coffee on your owner's manual.  Or maybe the dog ate it.  Perhaps your used Subaru didn't come with an owner's manual.  But whatever the reason, you'd like to get a new one.  Good news!  The owner's manuals are available from several sources..and some of them are FREE!:

MySubaru.com has lots of great free info and resources, PLUS for MY (model year) '97 and up soobs it has the owner's manuals available in PDF format.

If you would like a printed manual, contact SUBARU, and if they have extra copies, they may send you one for free.  See item #4 here.

Used owners manuals are generally available for sale on eBay and other sites.  Sellers probably buy these from salvage yards, yard sales, etc.

The Owner's Manual can be ordered from any Subaru dealer.  Supplying the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is required to ensure getting the correct manual for your model, year and trim level.  This option will be the most expensive route.  The new manuals are typically around USD$25.

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