SUBARU repair forum guidelines

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SUBARU repair forum guidelines

Hello! smiley  The ScoobyEnthusiast Subaru repairs forum is intended for just that, Subaru repairs. Topics that may be posted in this category include:

  • Drive axle replacement / half shaft replacement / split cv joint boots
  • Engine sensors such as oxygen sensors, camshaft position sensor, engine coolant temp sensor, etc.
  • Wheel bearing replacement
  • And so on.........

You need to register for a free account to post in the forums.

For regular maintenance items (that are on the Subaru maintenance schedule), please see the maintenance forum.  Items such as timing belt replacement, spark plugs, fluids, etc. should be posted in the maintenance forum.  Thanks :)

Naturally, items which are considered 'maintenance' but are neglected can then become 'repair' items! surprise