FHI and Subaru Tecnica International's approach to motorsport in 2011: Enhancing support for Group N category

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Tokyo, December 10, 2010 -Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd. (FHI) and its subsidiary, Subaru Tecnica International Inc.

(STI / President:Hiroyuki Karamatsu), which has been entrusted with motorsport responsibilities of its parent company, will further enhance support for activities of Subaru WRX STI users who participate in the Group N category during the 2011 season.

The Group N category is a category in which modifications to cars are strictly restricted, and thus the performance of the

base car is of paramount importance. Also, as the cars compete in a near road-car-state, Group N has gained popularity as a motorsport category in which even beginners can participate. The Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC) and the FIA Production Car World Rally Championship (PWRC) are typical examples of such competitions.

FHI registers itself as a manufacturer in the 2011 IRC

Following last season, FHI will register itself as a manufacturer in the 2011 IRC. The IRC is an international rally established in 2007 and run by the European sports TV program provider Eurosport. Results of crews who use the cars of IRC-registered manufactures are eligible for series points, and the rally action is broadcast around the world on Eurosport and other channels, which creates an environment where Group N car users can enjoy rallies through the media.

STI establishes the 2011 SUBARU Challenge Award

STI will establish the 2011 SUBARU Challenge Award for PWRC entrants. The top three drivers in each rally of the 2011 season and the season overall will be given the award along with prize money.

Target rallies: All 7 rounds of the 2011 PWRC

Round 1 Sweden (February 10-13), Round 2 Portugal (March 24 -27), Round 3 Argentina ( May 26-29 ), Round 4 Finland ( July 28-31) , Round 5 Australia ( September 8-11 ), Round 6 Spain ( October 20-23 ) , Round 7 Great Britain ( November 10-13 )

Eligible drivers

Drivers who are registered in the PWRC for the year and one-off entrants recognized by the organizer are eligible. However, drivers competing in regional or domestic championships held at the same time cannot participate.

Eligible cars

Subaru Impreza WRX STI Group N (the GRB type which conforms to 2011 FIA Group N regulations)

STI responds to the new 2011 FIA regulations

STI will develop and sell parts which conform with the new R4 regulation due to become effective in 2011. R4 is a new category which allows official kit to be applied to current Group N cars to strengthen their competitiveness against their competitor S2000 cars.

STI has been supporting activities of Group N users who compete in the FIA World Rally Championship and other competitions since 1990. On this occasion, STI will strive to invigorate Subaru motorsport activities by enhancing their support in order to facilitate an environment where users can participate in Group N competitions more easily.

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