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EndWrench.com was a web site Subaru had until around 2010. It had a lot of good Subaru repair and maintenance information targeted mostly at non-dealer repair shops. Having even non-dealer repair shops do a good job repairing the vehicle is still in the company's best interest because it gives the owners a better overall experience with the vehicle and more likely to purchase or lease the vehicle in the future.

The EndWrench.com site was purchased by various domain parkers and such over the years. Unfortunately the current site seems to try to deliver some kind of spyware. When it first expired around 2010 the domain name was up for auction. Unfortunately the price got over $400 so that was outside what many enthusiasts were willing to pay to try to maintain at least the name.

What exactly happened to EndWrench.com isn’t exactly known. Legend has it a couple guys at Subaru were running and maintaining the site. One of them took early retirement and the other left the company or something. So the company apparantely decided to stop maintaining the site. So most of the good articles they had weren’t available anymore.

Many of the PDFs I’d saved for my own reference. So I thought I’d link these here for your enjoyment. Obviously I/we don’t own these and claim no copyright on them.

You are free to link to this web page from your site. You won’t be able to hotlink a file directly though because storing and delivering files costs money, so this site must be the referrer for the file to be delivered.

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