SUBARU Fuse 4 Keeps Blowing, Seat Heaters, Power Mirrors, Lighted Visors TT030402-001

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On 2000-2002 SUBARU Legacy vehicles with inoperative heated seats, lighted visor mirrors or power mirrors, check fuse 4...

If fuse 4 is blown, check the power mirror wiring harness. This wiring harness may get pinched behind the mirror housing. The pinching may eventually abraid the insulation from the wiring, thus resulting in a short circuit and blown fuse 4.

The right hand mirror is the more common of the two front mirrors to experience this issue. The left hand mirror can be the fault though as well.

Sometimes replacing fuse 4 seems to fix the problem, but then the fuse blows again in the future. This behavior can occur if the fault is intermittent. For example, the insulation may be rubbed off the wiring, but not form a short circuit at all times. Only when going over rough road for example might the short circuit occur, thus causing repeated blowing of fuse 4.

The trim piece inside the vehicle can be removed with one screw and then pried back to inspect the wiring where it travels to the power mirror.

Also note that on SUBARU vehicles with lighted visors, the wiring may become pinched where the wiring travels through the roof panel.

This information is also covered in SUBARU TSB # TT030402-001. It also used to be covered on but the article appears to have been removed.

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