Subaru Forester 2006

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A Subaru Forester 2006 is a fine vehicle that pleases many people.

This is what many people are seeking, to find a Subaru Forester 2006 for sale. And why not, it is practical yet fun to drive used vehicle. Sometimes this vehicle's name is misspelled as Subaru Forrester 2006, but that extra letter R is a mistake.

Subaru Forester 2006 specs

For this model year, this vehicle got new painted bumpers and side moldings which replaced the the standard gray of the previous Forester X model. The taillights are also now clear. There is a new pocket for map on the rear of the front passenger seat. The rear gate gets a nice iridescent trim strip on it. The front passenger airbag also has an on-off indicator near the clock. Many of these features were simply not available on earlier models such as the 1998 Subaru Forester.

This vehicle shares a common platform with the 2006 Subaru Impreza. If you are looking for a little extra power from your vehicle, the Subaru Forester 2006 XT may be of particular interest since it is turbocharged.

How to buy a cheap Subaru Forester 2006

When looking for this vehicle, there are a few things to bear in mind. Like any used vehicle, the 2006 Subaru Forester really needs to be given a thorough test drive and an inspection by a qualified mechanic to identify any pre-existing issues. Some people prefer to buy this vehicle as a certified preowned car from a dealer. In this case people like the extra assurance of buying through an established business.

Other people prefer to buy the Subaru Forrester 2006 for sale by owner. In this case money can be saved because the price will be generally less than what it would be at a dealership. The savings comes from not paying for dealership showroom space and so on. However, some people believe buying a vehicle this manner carries additional risk in case there are undisclosed problems with the vehicle.

What to look for on a Subaru Forester 2006

First, Mike any used vehicle you will probably want to see its maintenance history. This way, you can verify that the maintenance items listed in the owners manual work performed as required. Often times owners will keep track of this information in a folder or other binder.

However, some owners do not do a very good job of tracking this information, so you may have to use or vehicle reporting service to find this information on the Subaru Forester 2006.

One item to look at is the tires. The tires on an all-wheel drive Subaru Forester 2006 need to match within 1/4 inch circumference. If they do not, it can result in premature wear to the drivetrain components. Additionally, it can result in a condition where the vehicle feels as though the brakes are being applied when making sharp turns at slow speeds. If this condition is discovered, it makes a good point for bargaining down the price.

In conclusion,there are many happy owners of a Subaru Forester 2006. It is great driving pleasure while at the same time being a practical and still fairly economical vehicle.

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