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SUBARU Tire Size Comparison Calculator

Welcome to SUBARU tire size calculator. To use the calculator, please select the tire sizes to compare below, then click the Compare button.

  • Select at least two SUBARU tire sizes to compare. You can select up to four SUBARU tires sizes to be compared.
  • Passenger car tire sizes are expressed for example as P225/70R15.
  • Light truck tire sizes are expressed for example as LT2875/70R17.

There are three parts to the tire size.

For example, P225/70R15 is broken down as:

  • P - means Passenger (car). LT stands for Light Truck.
  • 225 - Tire Section Width. For metric tires this value is in millimeters.
  • 70 - Aspect ratio. This value is the height of a sidewall expressed as a percentage of the section width. For example for a tire with a section width of 225 mm, the sidewall height is 70% of 225mm or 157.5mm
  • 15 - Wheel Diameter (in inches).

Please choose between two and four tire sizes below, then click the compare button.

Stock Tire Size:
Tire 2 Size:
Tire 3 Size:
Tire 4 Size:

Note: The SUBARU tire sizes calculated by this tool are based on nominal tire size. The actual dimensions will vary depending on manufacturer and tire model. The tire manufacturer's data should always be consulted for exact sizes. Additionally, the wheel width that the tire is mounted on will affect the overall dimensions.

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Comparing the SUBARU tire calculator tool to the popular tire calculator SUBARU tire calculator allows you to compare up to four different tire sizes at the same time. The Miata tire calculator tool compares two tire sizes at the same time. SUBARU tire comparison tool lets you view both the top and side views at the sime time of all the tires you are comparing. The tire calculator shows one tire view at a time (top or side). SUBARU tire sizing tool shows both Metric (mm) and SAE (in) units simultaneously for all the tires being compared. The Miata tire comparison calculator shows a single set of units at a time (allows you to choose displayed units type).

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