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Here's how to find a Subaru WRX for sale and what to look for.

Introduction to Subaru WRX for sale

In general Subaru cars are reliable and can take a pretty good beating and keep on going. The Subaru WRX is a fine vehicle, often turbocharged for that extra pep. If you are looking for even more power and performance than the WRX offers, a Subaru WRX STI for sale might be better suited to your desires. The STI is a high performance Subaru and is usually a crowd pleaser.

Where to buy a used Subaru WRX for sale

To begin the process, you'll need to decide if you are looking to buy a new or a used vehicle.

Buying a new Subaru WRX for sale

If you decide that a new Subaru WRX what you'd like, then you'll probably be looking to a Subaru dealer to provide the vehicle. Like most car makers, Subaru provides various incentive offers, special financing, and other programs to buyers. Note that these programs vary by region so you'll need to ask the dealer in the region you're purchasing in what the offers are in that area.

Finding a used Subaru WRX for sale by owner

Alternatively, you might decide that a used Subaru WRX better fits your needs. And many people do decide any used vehicle is choice for them, often because it is less expensive than a new vehicle. The previous owners take much of the depreciation hit on new vehicle, so the buyer be used vehicle can save quite a bit of money.

Both dealers and private parties may have a Subaru WRX for sale. If you check the normal online sites such as eBay, Auto Trader, Craigslist and so on you may find a cheap Subaru WRX for sale.

What to look for in a used Subaru WRX for sale

As with any used vehicle purchase, it is prudent to give the vehicle a thorough inspection including a test drive. Here are a few Subaru specific things to check when you are looking for use Subaru Impreza WRX.

Make sure all the tires match

Like many all-wheel-drive vehicles, Subaru cars require that the tires all match within 1/4 inch circumference. Otherwise, premature where or even damage can occur to the drivetrain components. Moreover, in a used Subaru Impreza WRX for sale, it can cause torque bind. When a Subaru car has torque bind, it will feel as if the brakes are being applied when making slow tight turns. It may also pop and bind when doing figure eight turns. Other factors can cause torque bind as well, such as if the vehicle was towed improperly or driven for long time on a soft or flat tire.

Check the maintenance records

When looking for cheap Subaru WRX for sale, it is important to check the vehicle's maintenance records. Of particular interest would be the timing belt. Generally the replacement interval on a Subaru WRX is 105 months or 105,000 miles. The engine is typically of interference variety, so if the timing belt breaks engine damage could result.

Therefore, if you can verify that the timing belt was for placed previously, and the vehicle is near or past the replacement interval you need to be prepared for the time and expense of having work done after purchase. It can also make a convenient bargaining point with the seller.

Another reason to check maintenance records is to try to feel out how the previous owner treated vehicle. A turbocharged Subaru WRX, particularly if it has a manual transmission, could have been abused by the previous owners. Sometimes people like to rev the engine on the manual transmission styles, and then dump the clutch. Under normal your wheel drive vehicle this action will simply result in a rearwheel spin. However, on an all-wheel-drive vehicle reving the engine and dumping the clutch results in tremendous torque forces on the drivetrain components. Sometimes, this action can result in damage such as chipped teeth in the differential.

For model years prior to 2003, be aware of potential head gasket issues

The Subaru 2.5 L four-cylinder engine in model years of approximately 2003 and prior had increase risk of head gasket failure. There were two common failure modes; we are simply mentioning it here so that if the Subaru WRX for sale that you are looking at falls into that range you can do additional research. We have specifics about this issue site.

Conclusion for Subaru WRX for sale

Finding your ideal Subaru WRX for sale a very fulfilling experience for many people. This vehicle is sporty and should give many years of driving enjoyment.

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