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A used Subaru Legacy makes a fine choice for a vehicle. Here's How to find one that's perfect for you.

Introduction to used Subaru Legacy

Starting in the early 1990s, this vehicle almost always came with all-wheel-drive. And this is a feature highly sought after for winter driving and off-road sports. The Legacy features reliability and durability while at the same time being economical. A used Subaru Legacy is slightly larger and has more cargo room than a comparable used Subaru Impreza. It has about the same ground clearance, but not as much ground clearance as a Subaru outback.

The engine is typically the 2.5 L Subaru horizontally opposed four-cylinder engine. Some however came with a six cylinder 3.0 L version. There were some models that added 2.2 L engine, generally these were had with the manual transmission.

How to find cheap used Subaru Legacy

Normally the cheapest route is to find used Subaru Legacy for sale by owner. In this way, people avoid dealer markup such as advertising fees documentation fees and so on. However, some people prefer the added assurance of a Subaru certified preowned Legacy from a dealer.

To bargain with the owner, you need to be watchful for any defects in the vehicle. For example, if it has a lot of scratches, the pain is import condition, it has a mechanical issues, these will often make for good bargaining points. Moreover, as with any used vehicle is generally wise to have it inspected by a competent mechanic.

Also there are many Subaru Legacy forums where enthusiasts will give free advice. A Subaru Legacy form can also be a good place to find listings for a Subaru Legacy for sale.

What to look for in a used Subaru Legacy

first, check the maintenance records. The four-cylinder engines have a timing belt that requires periodic replacement as specified by the owner's manual. If this service is due and has not been done, it can make for a good bargaining point with the owner or dealership. While the service is simple it can be costly so it is a good thing to check into.

Moreover, examine the tires on the vehicle if they are not all the same make and model, be suspicious. For example, some people put new tires on the rear in the the old tires on the front, and this is not a good idea on an all-wheel drive Subaru. Mismatched tires can cause damage in premature where to certain parts of the all-wheel drive system. When test driving a used Subaru Legacy, it is wise to make slow speed sharp turns and verify that it doesn't feel like the brakes are applied and that there is no binding or popping sound.

This type of damage can also occur if the vehicle was towed incorrectly, such as with the rear wheels on the ground in the front wheels lifted off the ground. It is often called Subaru torque bind.

Subaru Legacy used conclusion

To wrap up, many people find a used Subaru Legacy to be perfect vehicle for them. With proper care like any vehicle it can give many years of excellent and still economical service.

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