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2010 Remote Engine Starter H001SAJ000 Installation Instructions - SUBARU Legacy and Outback

If you are looking for the SUBARU accessory installation guide for H001SAJ000, the 2010 Remote Engine Starter for SUBARU Legacy and Outback, click the image below.

Click here or click the image above for the complete instructions. An excerpt for reference:

1. Using a 10 mm socket or ratchet wrench, disconnect the negative battery terminal.

2. Using a slotted head screwdriver, remove the two (2) plastic phillips fasteners and one (1) pressure fastener (left side) holding the driver’s side under dashboard panel. Release the diagnostic connector by pressing the side clip on the connector and remove the driver’s side under dashboard panel.

3. Using a panel removal tool, carefully remove the left side dashboard panel. Remove 2 screws securing the lower dashboard panel on the left side of the dashboard.

4. Remove one (1) slotted head screw securing the lower right side of the driver dashboard panel.

5. Use the panel removal tool to carefully remove the driver’s side lower dashboard panel (the right side pulls out and down) and unplug the connectors on the left side and the connector and air tube on the right side of the dashboard panel (if necessary).

6. Using a 10 mm socket/ratchet wrench, remove the 2 bolts securing the driver’s side dashboard knee bolster.

7. Remove the lower steering column shroud using a slotted head screwdriver, remove one (1) slotted screw on the left side face and one (1) slotted screw on the right side face of the steering column shroud and carefully unsnap and remove the lower steering column shroud panel. NOTE: It is necessary to rotate the steering wheel to access the Phillips screws on the face of the steering column.


Where can I get installation instructions for my genuine SUBARU accessory?

Are you wondering where you can find instructions for the installation of SUBARU genuine accessories?  Then look no further!

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