1995 Subary Legacy Wagon - interfering or noninterfering?

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1995 Subary Legacy Wagon - interfering or noninterfering?

I have a 1995 Subaru legacy wagon with a 2.2L engine model # EJ22E. The owners manual does not state if its SOHC or DOHC.  I broke the timing chain and need to know if there was any additional damage.  Thanks.

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Your 1995 EJ22E engine is non-interference

Hello LegacyRider83 and welcome to the board!

Your 1995 Subaru Legacy wagon with the 2.2L engine model EJ22E is non-interference.  There is more information and a complete list of Subaru interference/non-interference engines here.

The EJ22E has a timing belt.  It has enough clearance between the piston at top dead center and the open intake and exhaust valves that the valves and piston cannot make contact.  So no engine damage would have been done by the timing belt breaking.

It should be a relatively straightfoward repair.  If you have any other questions, please post back!  smiley