Legacy 2.2 1996 is stalling

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Legacy 2.2 1996 is stalling

Firstly, to everyone that contributes to the forum, many thanks for all the solutions offered to subaru drives around the world!

Secondly, onto my current problem.........

The car is pulling well and runs smoothly except when you slow down and come to a stop. As the engine speed slows and the clutch is depressed, the revs dip well below the normal idle speed and either the car cuts out or just manages to pick up again to the normal idle speed. The problem is intermittent and only happens about a 1/4 of the time. In addition the 'check engine' warning light is coming on occasionally while driving. I can't reproduce the problem by revving the car in the driveway (sorry neighbours) and it only seems to happen while driving.


Could it be the air flow sensor? I've taken it out and sprayed it clean without any results. I've considered just replacing it but there seems to be some trick to understanding the part numbers.  There are many companies offering a 22680-AA160.  The part I have is a 22680-AA190. I have found one of these available but it is second-hand and advertised as a 'brown type' part. What are the 'brown type' parts and why are there none available new on the internet in comparison to the non-brown type which seem to be so common and look exactly the same? Are they interchangable?


Could it be the knock sensor adjusting the timing incorrently as I come to a stop?


All suggestions welcome!