Trans rebuild (no 4th gear)

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Trans rebuild (no 4th gear)

I rebuilt a spare 4eat phase 1 I had and swapped it out for one that had blown (hard failure, lost 3rd and 4th, R).  The spare had the problems of no third or fourth when it was taken out.  Also reduction driven gear failure, replaced.

Rebuild went smoothly.  Operation, once completed, resulted in firm shifting, and no fourth gear. 

Diagnosis showed bad duty solenoid C, replaced.

bad dropping resistor, replaced. 

for the record all replacement parts are tested for proper resistance, etc before installation.

Firm shifting went away to smooth shifts.  Brake band has been loosened considerably since installation, but I feel braking going into third gear, a fraction of a second.  Engine braking is effected in all gears 1-3 and shift points are accurate. 


Question: Has anyone heard of or experienced a missing fourth gear in their 4eat?  Any ideas what the issue could be?  I have been through the internals twice, every solenoid, and my only adjustment left is to loosen the brake band another half turn/turn.  Could my total end play have moved or be off in some way?  Any suggestions are appreciated, though I doubt many people have undertaken this project.